A break free that was blocked by a break out

Once there was a young engineer living with his pregnant wife and 2 daughters far away from his parents. Everyday he woke up with a hope of doing something good for the world but after the daily job went to bed at night tired and exhausted. Until one day, he decided to leave his job and focus completely on making the world a better place. Because of that he had many problems financially as he was the only earning member of family. He started planning for the future, meeting people and discussing his ideas with them. But unfortunately, a virus outbreak called Covid-19 captured the world. Though it was a bad situation, he started looking for good in it. He stayed at home the whole day and utilised his free time to learn new things. He started taking up online courses to enhance his technical and marketing knowledge that he could use in pursuing his goals. He also started building his network by increasing his contacts via online professional platforms. After the virus outbreak came under control, he started again in his journey of doing something good for the world. Until then he was ready with his knowledge and contact building for his mission. Ever since then he worked harder and harder and went to sleep everyday night with a smile of satisfaction on his face. People who were helped by his action blessed him wholeheartedly which made him mentally stronger and gave him the inner power to do more what he was doing.