SQL DBA Checklist/Activities

Daily Checklist

1) Backups
2) SQL Server Error Logs
3) SQL Server Agent Jobs
4) HA or DR Logs
5) Shift Handover (New/Pending Tickets)
6) Implementing planned Change Tickets

Weekly Checklist

1) Integrity Checks (DBCC CHECKDB)
2) Index Maintenance
3) Updation of Statistics
4) Cycle SQL Server Error Logs
5) Reporting of Tickets Handled
6) Planning of Change Tickets
7) If any Weekly Meetings, then Prepare MOM (Minutes of Meeting).
8) Attending CAB Meetings and taking approvals for Changes.

Monthly Checklist

1) Backup Validation Test.
2) Capacity Planning: Disk, CPU, and Memory.
3) Plan if any Security Patches or Critical Hotfixes are released.
4) Report on overall Uptime/Downtime

Quarter Checklist

1) DR Test
2) Check who all have SYSADMIN permission and remove unwanted logins having this permission.
3) SOX Audit Standard

Yearly Checklist

1) Licensing Validation (if it is Volume Based Licensing)
2) Service Pack validation and applying newly released SPs.

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