SQL DBA Regular Alerts & Tickets (Service Request and Incident)

Customer Raised Tickets

1) Unable to connect to SQL Server
2) Unable to access a database
3) Unable to identify a table
4) Want to run a script, but need DBA assistance
5) Queries are running slow
6) Queries are failing due to space issues (Logfile full or Data file full)
7) Server is running/responding slow
8) Customers not able to find replicated data in subscribers. Reports are failing.
9) Customer trying to access the table in another instance through Linked Server, but not able to query it.
10)Customer asks for Adhoc restore in another server.

Monitoring Tool/Alerts Raised

1) Space issues (Log File Full, Data File Full) 90% Full
2) Job Failures
3) CPU 100%
4) Memory 100%
5) Blockings
6) Deadlocks
7) Database Crash
8) Corruption (DB, Page)
9) Log Shipping Out of Sync
10) Mirroring Out of Sync
11) Replication Out of Sync
12) Node failures in a cluster.

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