Increase Download Speed On Google Chrome

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Increase Download Speed On Google Chrome

Enabling ‘parallel downloading‘ flag will increase the downloading speed on your computer.

1. Open Google Chrome window on your computer.

2. In Google Chrome window, type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and then hit Enter.

3. Now, click on the search box and type “parallel downloading“.

4. Now, beside the Parallel downloading flag click on the drop-down.

5. Then, select “Enabled“.


6. As soon as you have ‘Enabled‘ the flag on your computer, you will see a prompt to restart your launcher.

7. Simply, click on “Relaunch“.

Google Chrome browser will be re-launched.

Same steps can be done in mobile version chrome also.

Now you will see a significant high speed in downloading speed when you are downloading anything from Google Chrome. Enjoy !! 🙂

Parallel downloading means the downloader can establish multiple connections to download a single file in parts. It increases the overall download speed when compared to regular downloads.

The lucky is Google Chrome added the parallel downloading function since version 64, this feature creates 3 parallel jobs to speed up the download.

If you are running the version older than 64, please update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version.
If you are running the latest version of Google Chrome, please follow the steps below to enable the parallel download feature.

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