Common Issues and Alerts in SQL Server


1. backup failures.
2. job failures.
3. disk space issues
4. log file growth issues.
5. data file growth issues.
6. DB offline and suspect mode issues.
7. CPU and memory is high issues.
8. SQL server sudden start/stop.
9. performance issues like Blocking and Query slowness and Server slowness.
10. user access issues.
11. High availability issues like log shipping out of sync and cluster failover and replication issues.

Alerts need to configure in servers

1. Disk space alert:- used space>80% –> warning & used space>90% is critical.
2. Memory is high
3. CPU is high alerts
4. Jobs failures
5. DB offline or suspect alerts
6. Database which doesn’t have any backups.
7. SQL Server starts and stopped.
8. Blocking and deadlocks.

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