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How to Change Product Key for SQL Server

The Microsoft Evaluation Center brings you full-featured Microsoft product evaluation software available for downloads. We have downloaded from official website and install the product.

Check all available SQL server version here:

Now, what after 180 day trial period ??

Generally we can change the product key by applying upgrade. SQL Server evaluation edition can be upgrade to the Standard or Enterprise edition from any existing SQL Server installation, without reinstall it.

Steps to upgrade

  • From Start button navigate to the SQL Server, then Expand it and we can find the SQL Server Installation Center. Or we can run the setup if we have licensed SQL Server ISO file or DVD.

  • In SQL Server Installation Center we can find Maintenance tab, and on right side we can find Edition Upgrade option.

  • If we have new product key, we can enter here. Or product key will be inbuilt in purchased copy of ISO/DVD.

  • In next step, we need to accept the license term and click Next.

  • Select the existing SQL Server instance for which we are going to change product key or upgrade.

  • Next, review the summary information and click Upgrade.

  • As per machine configuration the upgrade process will take time to complete.
  • If the activity done without any error, then we have successfully changed the product key for the SQL Server.

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