All about database size, file size & table size in SQL Server

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In this article, we will try to pull all sizes from SQL server. How to find Database Size in SQL Server? How to Get size of all tables in the SQL Server database? We will use different SQL Queries to find Database file size, database size, and tables size. Very often we need to check the size of the Database whenever we plan to move our entire database or file or only tables from one server to another server. Using these queries above mention task will easier for us.

Script 01

Below script is to find DATABASE NAME, LOG SIZE in MB, ROW SIZE in MB & TOTAL SIZE in MB for a particular database.


Script 02

Below script is to find Database Name, Logical Name & Physical location for a particular database.


Script 03

Very often DBAs needs to know about the largest table size in the database. Following SQL query is used to find the largest table in the Database.


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